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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hello Ladies,
GUESS WHAT??  There is a new category on the blog...... 
I'm calling it "USE WHAT'CHA GOT!"

I have so many outfit ideas I be wanting to share with ya'll but don't because the items are no longer available for purchase.  I got to thinking....Adrienne, girl...... give these ladies some inspiration because they can make it do what it do with what they have...... or at least go out and look for items that are similar!

Ok so let me explain!

When you see these posts, just know it will be Outfit Inspiration Only!  This will pressure you to get in your closet to see what you already have that you can use to re-create the look!  

For example,  In these pics I have on a snakeskin top that I got from Zara a while back.  This top is no longer available for purchase, but that doesn't matter, cause you could run to your closet and look to see if you have a top, tunic or shirt dress that you could use to achieve this look "YOUR WAY"!

Loose Fit Button Up Top
Denim Shorts
Black Tights
Combat Booties
Big Earrings from JXL

I hope you all will like this! Hugs!

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TJ said...

Love the new category. Sometimes all we need is already in our closets!

TLP said...

Love the new posts for inspiration! Keep em coming!

Stallion said...


Teah said...

Great idea! I’ve just committed to a shopping freeze which I already started, (but will “get it in” for Black Friday for deals and holiday gifts). Because honestly, most of us don’t really need to always run out and buy new stuff, when most of us already have closets that are already filled with great clothes! I love the idea of providing a section just for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!!! I love the idea of sustainable fashion and being creative! I am DEFINITELY inspired as usual. ;)

Unknown said...

Love this idea...Very inspirational

Unknown said...

Found your blog/instagram and I've been hooked every since! Love the way you put together simple, yet super cute outfits!

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