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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hair rolled using turquoise rollers :)

Rompers: c/o She In + c/o She In (Wearing a Med in both) / 
Gold Sandals: Zara  /  Fuchsia Sandals: Macy's  / Clutch: DeAndra Michele

Hey Ladies,
Hope you are all doing well.   
This summer, I've been breaking some of my own rules!  I've been wearing short shorts.  
 Summers past, I only wore shorts that were longer, due to feeling like my legs were not toned enough.  Social Media, Videos and Celebrities can give you the feeling that omg... My body is "NOT PERFECT", which can play with your self confidence.  
The older I get, I realize that I may not be PERFECT, but parts of me are pretty AWESOME!

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