Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips For Healthy Hair: Part 2

Tips For Healthy Hair

Hey, I'm back with "Tips For Healthy Hair: Part 2."
**I have a relaxer, but these tips are good for both natural or relaxed hair** 

Part 2: Your Coat Can Cause Breakage

Have you ever wondered why your hair has thinned out or broken off in the back during the winter months?  
Well it's probably due to your coat.  YUP, YOUR COAT!
Do you own a wool coat?  Probably so!  Well, wool can cause breakage and thin out 
the hair in the back of your head...relaxed or not! 
Now, don't get me wrong, I love me a pea coat, and mostly all of my winter coats are wool. 

How can you keep your hair healthy and wear your cute winter coat? 
Below is a trick that I use daily. 
 I always wear a scarf! 

During the winter months wearing a scarf helps me retain my length. 
Tip: Make sure that your scarf is over the top your hair... so the scarf is between my hair and the coat.
(See below)

Tips For Healthy Hair

Tips For Healthy Hair

Tips For Healthy Hair

Tips For Healthy Hair

Here are a few scarves I LOVE (Get Inspired)


  1. Beautiful hair! Love that green coat!

  2. So awesome...thanks for sharing


  3. Nice and good tip, Beautiful!! Thanks for always sharing. :-)


  4. So pretty! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Nice tips, I wish I read this when I was in Canada, cos my hair cut really bad.

  6. Great tips! Never thought to do that. Thanks!


  7. You are absolutely right!!!!! Every winter one side of my hair in the back always pops off!!!!!

  8. Beautiful hair. Thank you for sharing this tip :)