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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To: Stretch Out Your Shoes

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

Hey, I know I am not alone when I say... I LOVE PUMPS but THEY HURT! Usually they hurt around the baby toe area due to tightness.   Well HURT no longer, Here is a trick that is sure to cure that uncomfortable feeling you get when you wear pumps.

 PS. This trick will work with any shoe. :)


Freeze Your Shoes

As you know water expands as it freezes. Well, this is the trick we will be using to stretch them.

Things needed: Small Freezer Bags, Your Shoes, Water, Freezer

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

Step 1: Insert the bag into your shoe

*Be sure to push the bag all the way up to the tip of the shoe*

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

Step 2: Fill bag with water (inside the shoe) until about 1/4th or so full

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

Step 3: Make sure all air is out of bag, then seal

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

Step 4: Place shoe is freezer. Let water freeze over night

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

Step 5: Allow ice to thaw, take the bag out, and try on the shoes

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes

You will be shocked how your shoes have stretched.

If not stretched enough REPEAT until you have that PERFECT FIT!  

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Fashion Pad said...

What a fabulous idea!!! Thanks for sharing doll! This will definitely help with a few of my pumps that fit perfect on one foot....but a little too tight on the opposite.

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Mo said...

Thanks for sharing this! :-)


Tequita said...

I have, so many shoes I need to try this trick with! This was right on time.....Cause a sista want to look cute and be comfortable at the same time.

Unknown said...

wow this is an innovative idea.
will definitely this.

Anonymous said...

great post! thanks for sharing... this will most def come in handy...

Tia said...

Great post. Thank you, I can't wait to try this.

Sweenee Style said...

Thanks Tia!

Sweenee Style said...

Thanks You! NP

Sweenee Style said...

Great! Thanks.

Sweenee Style said...

IKR Tequita!! Girl! Thanks.

Sweenee Style said...

NP Mo! :)

Sweenee Style said...

IKR!!! You know you are the QUEEEN when it comes to the shoe dept!! :)

MELRC said...

This post is just in time for these leopard print shoes that I purchased from DSW! I have a longer second toe but if a buy a shoe a half size up it's too big and sometimes if I purchase a bigger shoe it just doesn't seem to fit my foot right. So I really hope this helps!!! Thank you!

KishaRose said...

Thanks for sharing! I have 3 pair in the car to take to the shop! Glad I stopped by your blog... I'm def a DIY chic! Muah!

Sweenee Style said...

I'm not sure if it will stretch the length. It works for the width. It makes it wider. Let me know if it works for you though PLEASE.

Sweenee Style said...

Yay Kisha!! Yup.. save that money! :) Thanks.

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